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Healthy Fast Food with The Good Kitchen

Of all the questions listeners ask me, “How do you do it all” is one of the most popular. My answer is always pretty straightforward … I don’t! That’s why I’m so grateful to have Melissa Hayes and Amber Lewis, the founders of The Good Kitchen, on the show today.

What is The Good Kitchen, you ask? To sum it up: my best friend on a hectic day!

Fast Food, Good Kitchen Style

Melissa and Amber have an awesome story about how they turned their passion for good food into an incredible family-owned company that brings fully prepared Paleo-style meals right to your door. I use them myself and their meals are as good as homemade!

What makes Good Kitchen even better is how they meticulously source their proteins and produce from farms doing things the “right” way … giving animals access to pasture and using practices that protect the environment.

Even if you cook all of your own food, you’ll love this episode as you learn about responsible food sourcing and sustainable food systems. People like Melissa and Amber are changing our food future for the better, and I’m all about doing all I can to help!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how Melissa and Amber turned a friendship and a dream into a business
  • why they feel so strongly about their mission to help you put real food on the table
  • how to cook healthy food for a family and stay sane (I put some of my favorites below)
  • what makes The Good Kitchen so different from other meal services
  • why it’s important to source beef/poultry/pork/seafood carefully (and avoid conventional when possible)
  • the responsible farming practices that help protect the environment
  • strategies from Melissa and Amber on how they balance work and home life
  • and more!

Have you found any better alternatives to conventional meat and produce, locally or online? What has made it easier for you? Please share with others in the comments or leave me a review to continue the conversation. I try to read each and every one, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

Resources We Mention

Check out The Good Kitchen here.

My Other Favorites

We buy meat and produce when it’s available from a few local farms, but I’m also grateful for these awesome online companies and their responsibly sourced products:

And I can’t forget my favorite meal planning app that makes cooking from scratch so much easier!

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