The Best Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural Products

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Black Friday Sales and Deals

I’ve never understood the idea of running out early on holiday celebrations with family to go shopping for gifts for those same people. No judgement from me if that is your thing, but this year, why not have the turkey and eat it too? (Literally and figuratively).

I’m doing my early shopping from the comfort of home (and likely while still wearing PJs) thanks to some companies I love. These small, family-owned businesses are offering great discounts this weekend and all are available online. Not only can you get some shopping done early, but you can support some great small businesses too! (My full gift guide is here if you need more ideas!)

Important: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate or referral links for companies that I love and personally use. If you choose to purchase anything, I receive a small commission that helps keep this site running! (So many thanks for your generosity to my family this season as well!) You can read my full affiliate disclosure here if you love fine print!

My Favorite Black Friday Deals on Natural Products

These are the products I’m stocking up on and ordering as gifts this year…

Joovv Light for Light Therapy

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy-PhotobiomodulationI love my Joovv light and all of its benefits for skin, hair and mitochondrial health. These types of red light have specific therapeutic benefits. They are running some special promotions this weekend including the chance to win a consult with Ben Greenfield, my cookbook, or some awesome skincare.

Grab the DealCheck out all the details here.

Blue Blocking Glasses

Why I wear blue light blocking Orange Glasses at NightI’m a big fan of blue light blocking glasses and wear them at night if I’m going to be on a screen of any kind. This helps keep my melatonin levels where they should be and ensures better sleep. The ones I use are 30% off this weekend with the code WELLMA30 through Amazon at this link.

Grab the Deal: Use this link and the code WELLMA30 to get 30% off.

MyoBuddy Fascia Massager

The Best Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural ProductsYou know those fascia blasters that are so popular? The MyoBuddy is like that, but way better! This electronic percussive massager mimics the effects of a deep tissue massage for muscles and fascia. It also only costs as much as a couple good deep tissue massage and you can use it everyday!

Grab the Deal: Get $100 off with the code wellnessmama100 at this link (until December 4th).

Rapid Release Muscle Massager

Rapid release wellness mamaSpeaking of massage, I also love the Rapid Release massager. This one is more for trigger point and muscle tension but it is also AH-Mazing. I have both this and the Myobuddy and they really do replace the need for a massage!

Grab the Deal: Get 20% off the Rapid Release Pro2 or Juvenate at this link with the code BF20 through 11/28/17.

Sauna Sale

infrared saunaSauna use has many health benefits and in places like Finland, sauna use is part of daily life. We have a Clearlight sauna and use it daily. If you’ve been considering getting a sauna for your home, Clearlight is running some great discounts this week with discounts of $600-800!

Grab the Deal: See special pricing and discounts at this link. (scroll down and click on “Thanksgiving Sale”)

Healthy Mouth Products

OraWellness Brushing_BlendOraWellness (natural tooth brushes, Shine Remineralizing powder and Healthy Mouth Blend) is offering a free Bass toothbrush with each bottle of Healthy Mouth Blend purchased (including multi-packs) plus free shipping (through Monday) at this link!

Grab the DealGet the free products plus an additional 10% off at this link.

Bone Broth Sale

Bone broth Wellness MamaThe shelf stable bone broth I use is on sale for 30% off this weekend and I’m stocking up. This broth is made with organic and grass-fed bones and sealed using a special technology that allows it to retain its nutrients and not require refrigeration or freezing.

Grab the Deal: Use this link to get the 30% discount.

Mason to Go Lids

71 Hvozj Ez 6 L. SL1500I love these mason jar lids that let me connect two mason jars to turn them into a lunch box, yogurt holder, salad jar and more. I often take food in my purse in these or use it to easily store things in the fridge.

Grab the DealUse this link and the code WELLMA30 to get 30% off this weekend.

Supplements Sale

The Best Black Friday Sales & Deals on Natural ProductsThis is the best sale on supplements that I’ve ever seen. Perfect Supplements makes high quality supplements like liver, greens, proteins, probiotics and much more. This week only, all supplements are marked down 35% plus with my code WELLNESSMAMA10 you get an additional 10% off! Discounts available 11/24-11/27 only.

Grab the Deal: Use this link and the code WELLNESSMAMA10 to get 45% off all Perfect Brand supplements through 11/27.

Free Steak or Wine

how-to-choose-a-high-quality-organic-wine-without-pesticides-or-moldWhere we live, it is tough to get quality meats locally and they are astronomically expensive at stores. My solution- I’ve been ordering from Butcher Box for over a year and getting all of my produce locally. This week, they are offering free steak or free wine with any new orders.

Grab the Deal: Decide if you want 6 free steaks (click here) or 3 free bottles of dry farm wine (click here). Only available until 11/28.

Mattress Sale!

836 EBCA6 5 CB9 0197 31 EEBA3 E13 FF0079Good mattresses are expensive but I recently found a company that offers a high-quality natural mattress at a great price. My Green Mattress mattresses are Greenguard Gold certified, GOLS and GOTS certified and handcrafted in the USA. We just ordered one when one of our littles moved up to a twin size bed and we’re loving it.

Grab the Deal: Save up to $250 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday at this link.

Essential Oils

Where to buy organic essential oilsI use Plant Therapy essential oils because they have great kid-safe and organic options. They’re also easy to order (with no subscriptions or regular order commitment) and have great prices. This month, they are having special sales each day!

Grab the Deal: Use this link to see all of the discounts available.

Primary Kids Clothing

300x 250 20 affiliateWe use capsule wardrobes to keep things simple at our house and I often order from Primary. They have high quality solid color pieces that are easy to mix and match. This week, new customers can get 20% off the entire order! We just stocked up on Fall and Winter pieces.

Grab the DealUse this link to check out all the options and the code AFF20PCT to get 20% off.

Squatty Potty

Quick Banner j WThese toilet stools help encourage healthy bathroom habits. They also make perfect Dirty Santa and White Elephant gifts and I just ordered a few for Christmas parties this year. Mom tip: this stool is also perfect for potty training. It lets kids sit on the toilet but have their feet on the stool so they don’t feel like they will fall in. Also the perfect height for kids to stand on to reach the sink.

Grab the Deal: See all of their discounts and grab the sale here.

Bath Bombs

Grab the Deal: The bath bombs I love are 30% off this week too! Just use the code WELLMA30 at this link.

Ceramic Cookware

Non Toxic No Scratch CookwareMy favorite ceramic cookware is 25% off from all weekend plus there are some bonus deals that are constantly changing. Please note that my normal 10% discount code will not work with this sale. This cookware is natural, scratch resistant and easy to clean. All cookware and teaware is 25% off this week.

Grab the DealHere is a link to the sale.

Natural Cleaning Products

Review of Branch Basics natural all purpose cleanerBranch Basics makes natural human-safe cleaning products. They’ve been out of stock for a long time but finally have everything available again. To celebrate, they’re offering 20% off all products and free shipping Friday-Monday.

Grab the Deal: Use this link to get the discount.

Free Collagen

Vital Proteins is offering a free 5-ounce container of collagen with any purchase over $75. You can order gifts and get a canister for yourself free! They have a ton of great new products including collagen beauty water, greens powder and bone broth protein.

Grab the Deal: Use this link to get the deal 11/24-11/27 only.

Natural Haircare

One of my favorite natural hair care companies, Morocco Method, is offering a 15% off discount this week only using the code “WM2017” via this link. I’ve used their products for years and love them!

Natural + Organic Gift Giving Guide

Need more ideas for Holiday gift giving? Check out my natural gift giving guide here.

Do you shop on Black Friday or buy online instead? Share below!
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