Rosehip Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer (Anti-Aging and Natural) Recipe


Rosehip Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer

We live in a culture that considers drinking raw milk to be strange and dangerous, but injecting the botulism toxin into our skin (Botox) seems to be a perfectly acceptable way to fight wrinkles. Luckily there are natural ways to fight the signs of aging that don’t involve risky procedures.

This rosehip seed oil facial moisturizer is a wrinkle-fighting powerhouse … and is better for you than Botox. (Though to be fair, it isn’t too tough to be “better” than botulism!)

Nature’s Botox: Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil has a lot of unique properties that make it a great choice for aging or damaged skin. Unlike other oils for mature skin, rosehip seed oil is astringent and considered a “dry oil,” so it sinks into skin quickly. It’s very high in linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids, as well as vitamins A, C and E.

These antioxidant vitamins promote cellular regeneration and keep skin looking youthful. So if you’re trying to prevent wrinkles, or even if they’ve already take hold, rosehip seed oil is a great natural solution.

Not only does this rosehip facial moisturizer regenerate skin cells faster, but it makes skin stronger and more supple and smooth.

You may have seen the ads for collagen creams that promise younger-looking skin, but there is a problem with those creams. Collagen molecules are too large for our skin to absorb when they’re applied topically. Instead, the naturally occurring vitamin A found in rosehip seed oil encourages skin to form its own collagen.

The Anti-Aging Lineup

This recipe contains seven skin-boosting ingredients and absolutely no junk! A little goes a long way so one batch can last months (and still cost much less than expensive anti-aging products).

Rosehip Seed Oil

When it comes to rosehip seed oil, color matters. In general, conventionally grown rosehip seed oil is usually pale yellow and lacking in beneficial lycopene, minerals, and vitamins A and C. Organic rosehip seed oil tends to have a more vibrant orange-yellow color due to its higher level of beneficial carotenoids and vitamin A. So the source does matter.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great ingredient to include in any face moisturizer for its ability to extend the shelf life of homemade products. It is not a preservative, but it slows the oxidizing of carrier oils. It has a similar effect on skin and helps to fight aging and prevent free radical damage.

Mango Butter

Mango butter is also high in potent antioxidants and contains polyphenols to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate skin. This butter helps to thicken the facial moisturizer, but doesn’t feel greasy on the skin.

Essential Oils

Several essential oils fight the signs of aging particularly well. Frankincense and patchouli have potent skin rejuvenating and wrinkle-fighting properties and lend an earthy scent. For a lighter fragrance, opt for carrot seed and geranium instead. (All of these oils have anti-aging properties, so it just depends on your scent preferences.)

Rosehip Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer Recipe

With just seven ingredients, this facial moisturizer is easy to make and very nourishing to skin.



  1. In a heat-safe glass bowl, add the beeswax, mango butter, and sweet almond oil. Put the glass bowl on top of a smaller pot filled halfway with water to create a double boiler (the glass bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot). Turn the heat on medium high.
  2. Stir gently just until everything is melted, then turn off the heat and carefully remove the bowl from the pot. Let it cool a moment, then stir in the rosehip seed oil, vitamin E and essential oils. Since these oils are more heat sensitive, you don’t want to get them too hot.
  3. Place the glass bowl in the fridge for 25-30 minutes, or until the mixture has thickened and cooled but isn’t so hard that you can’t easily push a finger into it.
  4. Use a mixer with the whisk attachment, or a hand whisk to mix the facial moisturizer until creamy and smooth. Stop when it looks like lotion.
  5. Store the moisturizer in a glass jar or metal tin.

How to Use:

Cleanse skin using a cleanser of choice and pat dry. Use finger tips to gently massage a small amount of this moisturizer into the skin in a circular motion.

Ever used rosehip seed oil in a moisturizer? How did it work for you?


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